We create innovations that improve the quality of life for ourselves and others utilizing nano-technology and elements of the earth. Every molecule is enhanced with wellness you can taste and function you can feel.

Proud parent company to innovative functional wellness brand.

Nano Fit Water Aluminum 16oz

The functional wellness beverage created for active people. Every drop is supercharged with naturally antioxidative nanobubbles that are negatively charged and small enough to make a big difference. Drink Nano Fit Water and go do what you love to do!

Nano Fit Water Aluminum bottles are 100% eco-friendly, printed with soy based inks.

Nano Fit Water Plastic 16.9oz

Nano Fit Water has created a line extension using a 16.9 oz plastic bullet bottle.  Same amazing water only with .9 oz more in a 100% recyclable, BPA-free bottle, that has biodegradable shrink wrap and earth-friendly Soy based inks for printing. 

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