We create innovations that improve the quality of life for ourselves and others utilizing nano-technology and elements of the earth. Every molecule is enhanced with wellness you can taste and function you can feel.

Proud parent company to innovative functional wellness brands

CBD Water Works

Enjoy a powerful source of hydration. Using advanced nanotechnology, our water is infused with nanobubbles and 10 mg of premium Ultrafine CBD from Hemp. A clean-tasting water that is ionized, triple filtered, and has an alkalinity of 8.5 pH.

CBD Tea & Coffee Works

Aromatic and meticulously curated Tea and Coffee single serve beverage pods, infused with 10 mg of Ultrafine CBD from Hemp that delivers wellness you can taste and function you can feel.

CBD Solution Works

Try wellness in every drop with our water-soluable solution for all your functional needs. Made with our proprietary Ultrafine CBD from Hemp, each drop is solution focused, fast-acting, and small enough to make a big difference.

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